Ice cream: Water, buttermilk powder and/or skimmed milk powder, sugar, vegetable fat (coconut and/or palm fruit) (TBHQ), whey powder, maltodextrin, emulsifier (E471 of vegetable origin), stabilisers (E407, E410 and/or E417, E412), flavouring, colourants (E110, E104, E150). Allergens: This product contains cow’s milk. May contain soya, tree nuts, wheat gluten and egg.

Contains cow’s milk, wheat gluten and tree nuts. May contain egg and soya. 

Serving size: 80ml
Serving per container: 
Per 100ml Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion
Calories 1192% 954%
Fat 21.4 17.1
Saturated Fat 19% 15.2
Sugars 18.7 14.9
Protein 3% 3.8