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Ola Joy Minty Dip

Ola Joy Minty Dip
Water, vegetable fat (plam fruit) (TBHQ), buttermilk powder, sugar, glucose, whey powder, choc & mint crunch coating (vegetable fat (plam fruit) (TBHQ), sugar, milk powder, mint crunch pieces (5%), cocoa powder, lecithin, emulsifiers, flavour), stabiliser, emulsifier, non-nutritive sweeteners (acesulfame K, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate), flavouring and colourants.


Per 100g Per 100ml Amount Per Portion Percentage Per Portion
Calories 1192 954
Fat 21.4 17.1
Saturated Fat 19 15.2
Polyunsaturated Fat 25
Salt 34 35 32 33
Total Carbohydrate 21 16.9
Sugars 18.7 14.9
Protein 3.8 3
Serving Size 80ml
Servings Per Container